Turkish Journalists Assc.

Turkish Journalists Assc.founded 10 th.June 1946. The founder vvere: Mr.Sedat Simavi,Mr. Sadun Galip Savcı, Mr. Cihat Baban, Mr.Hayri Alpar and Mr. Sait Keşler.

Mr.Sedat Simavi was first elected President.Mr. Cevat Fehmi Başkut, Mr. Burhan Felek,Mr. Nezih Demirkent, Mr. Necmi Tanyolaç and Mr.Nail Güreli were the ex presidents. Mr.Orhan Erinç is present President.

The Assc.aims are keeping media's newspaper, magazine, radio, TV professional etics in order, vvorking on freedom of expression.

Assc. Two kinds of member: Honoury and Professional. There are 6 Hon. Members now.

Total members around 3.300. Assc. some conditions, for members to be. Journalist must work on number 212 law, 2 years full time work and press card.

Executive Board are 11 elected, (by general arsembly every 2 years) Journalists (Present board has 2 women member). Assc.owns it's head Quarter building in Cağaioğlu of İstanbul Press museum is in Cağaioğlu (building rented from the mayority for 10 years) Assc's Press museums is unique . Because this kind of museums very rare ali över the world Museum has 25.000 book it's library. it also has old news papers colletions. Resercher use the library.

The Assc. publish books. Till now Assc. Published 57 books. Books are very useful for journalists and Journalism students.

Assc. also campainged for a primary school. Our school fınished. İt has 308 students. School is situated in Sefaköy area.

The Assc. organize several seminars in its centre and other provinces.

The Assc. also carry on a big educational Project with German Konrad Adenauer Foundation. We organize, seminars ali around the Anatiolia for local Journalists.

Assc. has a daily newspaper.(Bizim Gazete) İt's circulation is 4.000. it is an independent paper.

We have a special clinic. Journalists and locals use the clinic. Also, Assc. own old people house in Danca . İt is for retired old Journalists and the others.

Assc. give helps for medicines and hospital car for it's sick members.

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